Study, Chobe River
"The Cheetah Madonna"
"Elephant and Nautilus (Study)"
"Study for Cheetah Madonna"
"Gigi, Study"
Earth Sea
Long-Billed Curlews
Long-Billed Curlew Group
Long-billed Curlew
Burned Trees (Fire Series)
Mountain Lion Study
Madonna and Crow
Sunset For a Species
One Thousand Trees, Two Birds, One Ridge
The Monarch Madonna
The Modern Madonna
Sudy for Monarch Madonna
Monarch Madonna (study)
Madonna and Cub
The Iguana Madonna
Madonna and Impala (after Rafael)
The Iguana Madonna, Study (After Marianne Stokes)
Madonna and Mountain Jay
Chobe River Basin
Lion, Botswana
Sophie 2016
Farm Road in Namiba
Lion (study)
Approaching Rain
Okavango Delta
Madonna and Kudu, Study
Madonna and Lion (after Giovanni Batista Salvi)
November 4th
The World and Her Creatures #1 (Napa County)
The World and Her Creatures #3 (Asia)
The World and Her Creatures #2 (Africa)
The World and Her Creatures #6 (Ocean)
The World and Her Creatures #5 (S. America)
Within Reach
The Journey
Madonna and Tiger (after da Vinci)
Future Uncertain
Holding What is Disappearing
Keeping Watch
For the Future
May Not Be (Another Day)
Canadian Rockies (The World-and-Her-Creatures-Sersies)
Nature's Cathedral
Chasing Tigers
Red Bird
Take Our Gifts Away
Reclining Yellow Figure
Deep Lettuce
The Winemaker
Forty And Counting
And Let No One Say
Drinking with the Dogs
Cheetahs (For Safari West Auction)
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